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Training and consultancy services on Integrated Farming, Terrace gardening, Waste management, Organic Farming, Ecofriendly management of pests and diseases, Soil Health Management, Mushroom cultivation; Facilities provided for interested farmers / officials/  school/ college students to visit the farm; Supply of rice panicles (Nelkathir) in connection with Niraputhari Harvest Festival; Supply of seeds of high yielding rice variety, Uma ; Sale of grow bags filled with potting medium and with  established plant  through Crop bazaar; Sale of vegetable seedlings (bhindi, cucumber, cowpea, chilli, brinjal, tomato, ash gourd, bitter gourd);Sale of rice bulk seed (variety Uma), various farm produce, vegetables, kulavazha, milk, egg (hen and duck), fish (GIFT), meat (quail and duck), mushroom  and straw; Sale of organic manures viz., FYM, vermicompost, coirpith compost, vermiwash


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Integrated Farming Systems Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
Thriruvananthapuram District Kerala 695002